Tuesday, November 9, 2010

25+ Reasons to Hire a Private Investigator and 5 of these reasons are why that private investigator should be a Woman

I am  Monique Lessan, a Private Investigator. I have a decade of experience and have conducted extensive international investigations. My expertise includes Infidelity, Asset Search, Locate People and Businesses, Marriage and Divorce, Surveillance, Due Diligence, and Background Searches for Perspective Spouses.

  My passion is in child abduction cases (domestic and international). I speak fluent Farsi, English, French and Spanish –  check out my business at www.EyeInvestigate.com.

25 Plus Reasons to Hire a Private Investigator:
1.  Retrieve Bank Accounts
2.  Intercept telephone communications
3.  Conduct surveillance
4.  Perform background checks (this is particular important for businesses!)
5.  Conduct undercover sting operations
6.  Carry out “mystery shopper” or “mystery client” projects
7.  Reconstruct an accident
8.  Conduct an asset search
9.  Investigate identity theft
10. Catch a cheating spouse/infidelity
11. Investigate child custody
12. Conduct a personal injury investigation
13. Carry out a divorce & family law investigation
14. Inspect restaurants and bars
15. Conduct executive protection
16. Perform fraud/embezzlement investigations
17. Investigate sexual harassment cases
18. Perform due diligence of all kinds
19. Locate missing persons
20. Carry out polygraph/lie detector tests
21. Serve subpoenas (remember this if you are suing anyone in CA!)
22. Investigate stalkers/predators – online and offline
23. Perform computer forensics & investigations
24. Perform workplace violence investigations
25. Work on death penalty cases/evidence
26. Check public records in court
Plus, 5 reasons why your Private Investigator should be a woman:
1.  Not easy to detect
2.  Better in undercover operations
3.  More convincing with phone pretexts
4.  Less intimidating
5.  More intuitive
Please Take a look at my website: http://www.eyeinvestigate.com

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