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Women make great investigators

This article is a good example of why women make such great investigators:
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 A female private investigator is a big asset to any investigation agency. Female operatives are very useful for not only general private investigation work, but also for gender-specific assignments which take advantage of their feminine attributes and charms. There are many cases where a female investigator is the “best man for the job”.

Female Private Investigator Assignments

  Of course, there are female investigators who handle cases which do not require a gender-specific role to be played. However, the true value of a woman investigator is her ability to use her gender as a tool to gain access to persons, places or information during her assignment. Female investigators are often utilized for infidelity investigations, since they can get very close to a potentially cheating husband or boyfriend. Female investigators also make excellent process servers, especially when personal service on a difficult target is absolutely necessary. Women private investigators are ideal for assignments requiring open surveillance or extended periods of loitering, since they do not raise the same warning flags as men. Women operatives make perfect store detectives and mystery shoppers, as well as terrific additions to a bounty hunter team or bodyguard detail.

Female Private Investigator Tactics

Female private eyes take advantage of the most powerful weapons any investigator has at their disposal… their mind and body. Playing a role is often crucial in gathering information and women can simply play far more diversified parts than most men could ever do. Personally, I have seen female investigators going undercover using tools and tactics which seemed so unlikely for a professional investigator to use, yet worked so incredibly well! One of my acquaintances is a woman investigator who likes to do surveillance in public while walking with a baby carriage, complete with simulated baby in the form of a doll! This same female operative extols the virtues of being able to carry a full complement of spy gear and recording devices easily and without detection… She simply puts it all in her purse or baby bag! Brilliant!!!Women investigators use trust, sex appeal, gender roles and general appearance as incredibly effectual weapons in their arsenals. Remember, some of the most important traits of a successful investigator are professional anonymity and the ability to put others at rest in their presence…

Female Private Investigator Career

Women considering a career in private investigation should be ideal examples of the detective personality type… Strong minded, confident, intelligent, well spoken and calm. They should possess excellent people skills and must handle pressure well. Acting ability comes in handy, and many investigators consider taking professional lessons to increase the believability of their characters. Finally, basic self defense is a must, since all investigators can find themselves in sticky situations from time to time. The last thing a women detective needs is to be discovered by the possibly dangerous target of her investigation, especially if time and circumstances might dictate the potential for violence against her…

Female Private Investigator Advice

Whether you are thinking about hiring a female private detective or are considering becoming one, it is crucial to understand the many benefits a woman investigator offers. There is no denying that these special operatives possess the skills needed to get any job done and can be far more flexible than most traditional male investigators. Some of the best run detective agencies are owned and operated by women, while almost every large investigative firm employs female private eyes. The bottom line comes down to this… In the world of cloak and dagger, camouflage is often the best road to success. Depending on the nature of the assignment, women may be able to blend into the natural environment better than men, access more information than men and do it right out in the open without arousing any suspicion at all. These factors all add up to make female private detectives a desirable addition to any case as

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