Wednesday, April 10, 2013

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I  Will be speaking at the Wells Fargo Center for the Arts on  June 15th, 2013

Women's PowerStrategy Conference

Speakers 2013

 Women's Power Strategy Conference 2013
  • Monique Lessan

    WPSC2013 speaker Lessan Monique
    Monique Lessan, M.F.S. is the owner of Eye Investigate, an international private investigation firm. She is a multi-lingual licensed private investigator with over fifteen years of experience conducting worldwide investigations to recover missing and abducted children and runaways. She is also a radio host on Revolution Radio and her show is called Private Eye/Xfiles.Monique has been called in on hundreds of missing children and adult cases, sex and human trafficking investigations, undercover operations and criminal investigations and has been featured on many television news and talk shows. Monique is an activist in the fight against human trafficking and an expert in child abduction recoveries. She has recovered missing children from San Diego, Singapore, Mexico, England, Saipan and Nicaragua. In 2009 Monique founded Teens Against Human Trafficking to help Fight Against Child Exploitation. Her Website is: and .net


Monique Lessan, M.F.S
Private Investigator/ Owner
Eye Investigate
License number: PI 16007 

Cell: (858) 568-4972
Office: (707) 395-0215
Web site:

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