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The 19-Year Search For Bianca Lozano And The Nightmare Of Child Abduction Cases

I am Monique Lessan, the CEO of EYE INVESTIGATE. I am an investigator as most of you know for over 20 years and my web site is I am writing this article to give another perspective to what David Perisner wrote about in his article: The 19-Year Search For Bianca Lozano And The Nightmare Of Child Abduction Cases.

David Peisner works for BuzzFeed and is the Contributor of this article. He contacted me two years ago to write an article about me He had looked me up and had seen me on several TV programs such as Fox News and Channel 10 and also had seen my web site: 
I talked to him over two hours and after almost a year nothing was yet published about our interview. I once in a while inquired about the interview and he said he needs more time. A year later he asked me if I had any cases going on and I told him as a matter of fact I do. I told him all about my new case Bianca Lozano who was kidnapped by her father when she was only eighteen months old. He left Texas and disappeared with Bianca during a visitation. The father's name was Juan Antonio Lozano. LOzano took off to Montarrey Mexico  and siappeared for 19 years. He changed Bianca's identity completely and changed her name to Fabiola Nina Suarez. Got her a new birthcertificate saying that she is a Mexican cisitzen rather US. The irony is that Binaca desn't even know she is an American Please read the article for more details.

Once David found out I was going to Monterrey He wanted to join me there. But the expenses were too expensive and the client didn't want to pay.

Here are a few few things that  i need to get straight. First is that when we investigators get paid to conduct a case, any case, we need help to get it done. We pay our sources , investigators and expenses for data bases, my contact  data bases and whatever expenses all comes out of the initial retainer. For some reason it seems like the clients don't understand this. By the time you make any money half of it is gone and the longer it takes to solve the case now you end up making minimum wage. Alo there are no guarantees in this business. It is like asking an attorney to win every case in court. He/she will do they best and there are no guarantees, no matter how much money you pay them.

Mexico is one of the most dangerous places to live and work.To conduct a child abduction case in Mexico is very challenging because not even the investigators are willing to help. They are very resistant to assist another investigator unless they get a big chink of money..They are concerned abut their safety with good reason. 

Especially in this case. The father took Bianca to Monterrey which is one of the most dangerous places in Mexico. I hired several investigators that did minimal jobs to help in Tijuana and a prominent investigation firm from Mexico city finally gave more some answers that lead me to an address in Monterrey where  Juan lived with Bianca. When I sent The investigator to check out, well, he took the money and chickened out, literary!!! I couldn't believe. So finally I found Pablo;s address in Fontana. David Peisner got on the next lane down and followed me around for a week doing surveillance. Read the rest of the story here. 

The problem was that he started writing everything I said or did even in my own private time. Or at least I thought it was private until I found out I actually have to tell him each time Oh, off the record, Check out the Chem-trails in the sky or off the record I believe we are being ruled by ONE WORLD ORDER aka Illuminates. He published it a if it had anything to do with the story and when I told him to please take it off he would;t budge.
I also noticed he made a lot of mistake and when I asked him to correct them, he would not do it. 
Over all David did a good job but he should not have included the name of my Home land security contact but he did. 
In any case, once you read the story you will see whathahpend at the end of the story. The case is still open. I put Pablo and Deana Hebert in touch with each other and it is the closest  to an ending we can get at this time. There is still hope and I am working on some angles to continue the case without any additional cost to the client. Hopefully we can find Bianca and there could be a happy ending.  

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